Council Members & Contact Details

Tom Nelson 07801 364 356

Andrena Duffin

Adrian Stephens 01680 814 220

Iain Campbell 07554 073 680
Billy McClymont
Josh Liddle 07470 445 166
Pam MacColl 01688 302 184
John Maughan 07810 093 426
Robbie Cameron
Alasdair McCrone 07719 639 187
Jo Prior 01688 400 445
Marie Robertson
Moira Westland
Angus Williams 01688 302615

For the time being we will continue to convene regularly by Zoom, at least until we are safely able to meet face to face.

Although the list details all the full council members and office bearers, all meetings are open to members of the public if they have matters they wish to discuss. We expect every meeting will have officials or other members of the community in attendance, making representation or bringing issues or their expertise to the council. Clearly in these times of virtual meetings, it’s not possible to just turn up, so to be included in any future meeting, please first contact any of the office bearers or any Community Councillor who is known to you. If possible please give prior/timely indication of what you would like to discuss, so that it can be added to the agenda. If for any reason we can't add it to the agenda for the next meeting, we will notify you to let you know when we can discuss it. We will endeavour to deal with all requests on a timely basis.

Two abandoned fishing boats in Salen Sound, Isle of Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.