New School Campus for Mull?

Argyll & Bute Council will be seeking Scottish Government funding for a potential new school campus for Mull.

To help support the funding bid, which will be in competition with bids from other parts of Scotland, they are holding a series of community engagement events on Thursday 11 August to discuss what the campus should be like, if the funding bid is successful.

Asking islanders for their view on this is a key part of preparing the bid. Members of the public are invited to attend an event at 7.00pm at Tobermory 2-18 school.

It is being held in Tobermory because the school has the capacity for to hold a large number of people. A location for a new campus will be considered in detail through further community engagement if the bid is successful.

Other events are being held on the same day specifically for parents/carers and parent/community councils.

See the attached press release “Help bring education funding to Mull” and the letter of invitation from Argyll & Bute Council for more details.

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