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Consultation to ascertain the demand for Gaelic Schools in Argyll & Bute

The Education Service are undertaking a 10 week consultation to ascertain the demand for all Gaelic Schools within Argyll and Bute.  The survey will be live from 22nd April until 30th June 2024. This is in fulfilment of action 2.11 of the agreed Argyll and Bute Gaelic Language Plan. “Argyll and Bute Council…


Update from the School Campus Team

We write to update and provide some assurance and clarity on the proposed new education campus for Mull in advance of the Council meeting on 25th April, when the project will be discussed. We reiterate the statements made at the Council Budget meeting on 22nd February, that no site has…

Argyll SDO's Vacancies

Royal Mail vacancies

Community Councils

Join us!

Argyll and Bute have called a by-election for Community Councils. Most of the current members have a specific interest and take on  correspondence on matters related to their ‘specialist subject’. So if you want to have your say on behalf of the Community you live in, whether it be education,…


Highly Protected Marine Areas

Mull Community Council has sent its objections to the Scottish government about the proposed Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs).  The proposals would ban almost all human activity – apart from leisure and education – in 10% of Scotland’s seas. The government hasn’t set out where the HPMAs would be, leading…

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Aros Park main drive – Essential work

We have been informed by Forestry and Land Scotland that there will be a closure required of the Aros Park main drive in order to carry out some essential vegetation management and tree work. Work is due to commence Monday 4th December and end within two weeks. The drive will…

Detail Of A Traditional Red British Royal Mail Post Box

Royal Mail update

Since originally writing to Royal Mail head office, several rounds of discussion between Royal Mail and Mull Community Council have taken place. This has also been supplemented by our local MSP, Fiona Hislop, also taking up the baton as members of the Mull Community had previously written to her. As…

royal mail

Royal Mail

For the third year running the Community Council has written to Royal Mail, protesting about the service – while strongly supporting local island staff and the lengths to which they go to ensure services on Mull & Iona. Read the Communication with Royal Mail


Letter to Transport Minister – Updated

Six community organisations, including the Mull and Iona Community Councils have written to Jenny Gilruth seeking a number of assurances about the ferry service. Replies have been received from Transport Scotland and Calmac.