Royal Mail update

Since originally writing to Royal Mail head office, several rounds of discussion between Royal Mail and Mull Community Council have taken place. This has also been supplemented by our local MSP, Fiona Hislop, also taking up the baton as members of the Mull Community had previously written to her.

As a result, we are pleased to see more regular deliveries on much of the Island, with increasing Postie numbers and new vans plying the delivery routes on Mull. However, the recruitment for the full complement of postal roles on Mull is not complete. We are encouraging Royal Mail to complete their recruitment aspirations to give us a full service that allows postal services including periods when our hard-working Posties are on leave or off sick. This is an aspect of our now established working relationship with Royal Mail that we will continue to highlight; it is so important our existing Posties are not expected to work beyond reasonable expectation.

A significant outcome of our discussions is that Royal Mail have agreed to join our Mull Community Council meetings on a quarterly basis to provide updates on recruitment, delivery targets and performance, as well as provide feedback for the Council to know if there are any issues with roads etc that would impact on delivery services if not attended to.

This level of interaction and cooperation between the Community Council and providers of services to our island, and its residents, is a key aspect of ensuring both sides of the coin are understood and supported. The Community Council is pleased with this outcome and will be keeping a close eye on Royal Mail service performance and supporting our Posties as much as we can; any feedback from residents experiencing issues with their postal services is most welcome and we will ensure all significant issues are discussed fully with Royal Mail.

Mark Aston – MCC

Detail Of A Traditional Red British Royal Mail Post Box