Mull Community Council is the collective voice of the island, elected to listen to community views
and represent them to Argyll & Bute Council, government agencies and private companies.

Nominations to join the Community Council will be open 18 August – 8 September 2022.
There’s 16 places and if more than that stand, there’ll be an election in October.

It’s important that young people as well as older people join the Community Council
and especially people from under-represented areas such as the Ross of Mull.

We focus particularly on matters vital to the sustainability of island life
such as housing, education, health and transport, and a whole range of other community issues.

Nomination details will be on the Elections pages of the Argyll & Bute Council website from 18 August.
More information about community councils in general is here.

Contact any of the present Members of Mull Community Council for more information about our work.