Update from the School Campus Team

We write to update and provide some assurance and clarity on the proposed new education campus for Mull in advance of the Council meeting on 25th April, when the project will be discussed.

We reiterate the statements made at the Council Budget meeting on 22nd February, that no site has been selected at this stage for accommodating a new Campus on Mull.  At that meeting it was agreed that:-
“in the light of the update on funding, that no decision as to whether or not to proceed be taken at this time and that officers prepare a further report with more detail regarding the financial aspects and affordability of LEIP, to be the subject of a Members Seminar and then brought to the Council meeting in April 2024 for members’ consideration.”

This is what officers are working towards at present and no business case is being prepared by Officers as the fundamental issue of affordability in the wider corporate context has not yet been determined and will not be until the 25th April meeting of Council, at the earliest.

The basis on which it was agreed to proceed with the bid for a new campus on Mull, at the Council meeting in September 2022, was clear, and remains unchanged.  Please find below a link to the paper on which the bid was placed – Appendix A includes the delivery route on which we must follow, to get to the business case (albeit the dates have moved given the timescales to SG announcement).

Agenda item – LEARNING ESTATE INVESTMENT PROGRAMME (leip) – POTENTIAL BID FOR NEW MULL CAMPUS – Argyll and Bute Council (argyll-bute.gov.uk)

There remains a commitment to engagement with the community if Councillors agree that the Mull Campus is to proceed in April, and this will be taken forward as promised.

We  are also aware that local Councillors have expressed a number of views, which they are perfectly entitled to do. Argyll and Bute Council will make a decision about the affordability of a new campus on Mull at their next meeting on 25th April.

We must also stress that the decision to proceed or otherwise with a new Campus on Mull will not be made by Officers of Argyll and Bute Council but rather the elected Members of the Council at their meeting on 25th April, at the earliest.

The Mull Campus Team will provide further updates around this time or if other material updates arise.
Kind Regards,
The Mull Campus Team

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